2012: Year in Review

2012 Year in Review




In January we began work on creating our web site. We are in the age of social media and
we felt that this would give us one more tool in the fight to save our rivers. We also had
a car load of members attend a “save our rivers” rally on the steps of the Capital Building
in January. Kirk Klancke, our chapter President was asked to be one of the speakers. We
also wrote the chapter by-laws this month.

We met with chapter members from Grand Lake to discuss forming a sub-chapter to
focus on lake clarity issues. The final environmental impact statement on the Windy Gap
Firming project was released. TU responded with a position paper. Our chapter approved
a $1K expense to help fund the GCWIN stream temperature monitoring program.

The State Legislature approved a resolution naming a portion of the Fraser River as the
Eisenhower Reach. We were represented when the Senate approved the resolution. The
chapter Board approved a $10K donation to the Colorado Trout Unlimited PR campaign
to bring attention to the 2 major diversion projects.

Kent Hughes represented us as the guest speaker at the Earth Day event at the Devils
Thumb Ranch.

The CTU PR campaign placed a bill board on 1-70 and 6th Ave. stating “Don’t Suck the
Colorado River Dry”.

The chapter Board worked very hard to organize the annual banquet.

Several members worked on a trail project on Reeder Creek and provided fly fishing
lessons when the work was done. We had our most successful banquet to date. Thanks to
the Board for all their hard work for all those that attended the banquet.

Roger Hedlund organized and led an all day river education rafting trip down the
Colorado River. We invested $1,300 in this well attended education outreach effort. We
also held a fundraising event sponsored by the Crooked Creek Saloon.

Some of our members participated in the middle school field trip for watershed week.
This involved lecturing on river health. We also held a chapter river clean up day on the
North Fork of the Colorado River below Shadow Mtn. Reservoir.

Chapter members worked with the high school field trip for bug week. We helped count
macro-invertebrates and conduct science experiments to check the health of the rivers.
Our local chapter as well as National Trout Unlimited attended the 1041 hearing on
Windy Gap that was held by our County Commissioners.

The grade school held an art contest that centered on water. Besides attending, we
provided money for the contest winners. The negotiations with Northern over the Windy
Gap Firming project concluded with Trout Unlimited getting what they were asking for
the Upper Colorado River. Scott Linn reported that we had taken in $27,609 in 2012 and
spent $25,338.

Our chapter decorated a “Save the Fraser River” wreath for the Lions Club Christmas
Tree Festival. With fishing water starting to freeze over, the Board has begun planning
for our chapter’s activities in 2013.