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About Colorado River Headwaters TU

The Colorado River Headwaters Chapter of Trout Unlimited is located in Grand County Colorado. Grand County is the source of the Colorado River. Our members are from all over Grand County and Colorado's Front Range, with the greatest concentration in East Grand County. Please check our Events Calendar for upcoming events and activities.

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The Colorado River Headwaters Chapter of Trout Unlimited is based in beautiful Grand County Colorado at the source of the Colorado River.

Board Members

Kirk at Ike Sculpture Dedication

Kirk Klancke – President

Kirk Klancke is the President of the Colorado River Headwaters Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Board member of the Grand County Water Information Network, Board member of the Grand County Water Quality Control Board, Board member of the North West Council of Governments Quality and Quantity, and the recipient of the 2011 Field and Stream Magazine National Conservationist Award.

Kirk's email is

Brad Johnson - Treasurer, Social Media Manager

Brad is a life long fisherman, having caught his first fish at the age of two. He grew up bass fishing in the Midwest and earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas. A burgeoning interest in fly-fishing prompted Brad to move closer to the trout streams of the Rocky Mountains. Brad first moved to the Fraser Valley in 2009 and quickly developed a love for the Fraser River, both as a fishery and as a natural resource worthy of conservation. In addition to his ongoing conservation efforts with the Colorado River Headwaters chapter of TU, Brad has also worked on a cutthroat trout population study on the Long Tom River in Oregon.
Kent Hughes

My first fishing memory was with my granddad at a pond on his farm in Iowa.  It wasn't until our family relocated to Oregon and I fished the Deschutes River with its "red sides", "summer runs", and steelheads that I began to understand the rapture of fishing and rivers.  I'm proud to support TU because it is the lead organization dedicated to improving and preserving both the sport I love and the river environment.  Come join us and help us preserve these irreplaceable resources for future generations.

Kent can be reached by email at

Paul Hollrah

Paul Hollrah

Paul has been a member of the Headwaters board for 7 years.  He moved to the valley in 2000 after retiring from a career at IBM.   He enjoys fishing all waters both large and small in our area and a road trip to fish new water is always welcome.  Motorcycle riding and alpine skiing are two other favorite pastimes.   One of his favorite fishing partners is “Grandson Paul” shown in the picture.

Paul's email is

Jerry Nissen, Vice President, Webmaster

Jerry’s enthusiasm for TU stems from his life-long passion for the environment. He was an active supporter of TU’s conservation agenda long before he actually joined the Club. Because of his background in many things tech-related, he was tapped to create and maintain the Club web site. In a shameless effort to keep web-related expenses to a minimum, Jerry was elected to the board. Since then, he's been very active in TU events and works hard to keep fresh, relevant information available on the website. Feel free to contact him with web content ideas.

To email Jerry, click here. You can call or text him at  303-641-2367

Brett Macalady

As a professional fly fishing guide my livelihood is directly connected to a healthy river system.  Seeing the daily ebbs and flows of a river, witnessing the various hatches and participating in that life gives one a profound sense of what it means to have a healthy river.  Since the disappearance of the Drake on the Fraser the, quantifiable evidence has been mounting that some of our most cherished places are in decline and in need of help.  Trout Unlimited helps solidify a voice for these places.  The Colorado River headwaters are endangered and my love for the outdoors, the wild and fly fishing has brought me to TU.  When it is not fishing season you can find me ski patrolling for Mary Jane and Winter Park Resort. Good fishing and think water conservation!  
My email is:

Anna Drexler-Dreis

My personal commitment to protecting water began during my childhood, running and hiking the shores of Lake Michigan and Cape Cod. After graduating from Colorado State University in 2011, I moved to Grand County where I worked for the Colorado State Forest Service studying the mountain pine beetle epidemic. For 5 years I worked for the Colorado Headwaters Land Trust where I helped to protect open lands within the headwaters of the Colorado River and its headwater tributaries with conservation easements. Now I am the sole manager of Fountainhead Consulting where I am facilitating discussions with the Upper Colorado River Wild and Scenic Stakeholder Group and working with Grand County's Open Lands, Rivers, and Trails Advisory Committee. My email is

Rich Newton

I began fishing in Grand County in 1971.  I moved here permanently in 1976.  Since that time, I have seen the flows of the Fraser River and the Colorado greatly reduced due to trans mountain diversions.  I have seen hatches either diminish drastically or disappear completely from our home waters due, at least in part, to lower flows and higher stream temperatures.  It is my hope that organizations such as TU along with help from government agencies and others will be able to protect our resource from future degradation. I am proud to be the newest member of the Board of Directors of the Colorado Headwaters Chapter, and hope that I can make a real contribution to TU’s efforts.

 Here's Rich's email:

Dennis Buechler

I am retired from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service where I focused on wetland protection and mitigation of water project impacts.  After retirement, I consulted on wetland/riparian restoration projects and served on the Wildlife Commission.  I was on the board of the Colorado Wildlife Federation for 25 years and president three times. Then I decided to change direction and join the local board of TU because I was impressed with their enthusiasm for the resources and their events.   I am looking forward to working on the Fraser Flats and other upcoming projects sponsored by Learning by Doing. 

(303) 627-0997 (h)  
(303) 506-4588 (cell)    

Charles Garcia 

Charles graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1973 and it was Wisconsin’s Nicolet National Forest where he first began to fly fish. Charles went on to become a CPA with Arthur Andersen & Co. which took him from Milwaukee to New York then Toronto and finally to Denver. Charles graduated from the University of Denver College of Law in 1985. He and his wife Anne bought a second home in Grand Lake in 1994.Charles began his involvement with the Headwaters Chapter in 2006 where he first met Kirk at a small concert at the Lions Club Pavilion to raise money to help save the Fraser River. He has been involved in work with the Chapter and others to save the Fraser and the Headwaters of the Colorado River since that time.

303-483- 8901

Mark Schneider

Mark has spent most of his life in Colorado, growing up in Fort Collins and a full-time resident of Grand County since 2003. He has been fly-fishing for over 50 years and a Trout Unlimited member.  Having lived and played on both sides of the Continental Divide he appreciates the importance of Colorado’s natural resources and the need for conservation to preserve our rivers, fisheries, and open land.  He earned his degrees from Colorado State University and worked in several industries/corporations in the planning, business development, and strategic marketing areas.  Mark’s desire to join the Board of the Colorado Headwaters Chapter of Trout Unlimited was because of the organization’s strong focus on conservation.  He looks forward to using his experience, knowledge, and skills to assist in the preservation of the Colorado River and its tributaries for future generations.

You can contact Mark at 

Scott Linn

Scott Linn – Board Member Emeritus

Scott has lived in Grand County since 2000, and owned Winter Park Optical for the past 6 years. Scott is a graduate of the U.S. Army Optical School. Scott is an avid hunter, fisherman, outdoorsman and conservationist. Scott has been on the board of the Colorado Headwaters Chapter of Trout Unlimited since it was started in 2004. Since then Scott has served as president, vice president, education outreach coordinator and currently serves as treasurer. Scott helped start the temperature monitoring program that has since been turned over to Grand County Water Information Network. Scott’s goals with Trout Unlimited are to preserve Colorado’s rivers thru strong conservation practices and the education of the importance of water conservation and preservation in Colorado.  Scott's email is


Our Goal

We want to have fun fishing and work to ensure that our cold water fisheries survive and prosper for future generations.

Other TU Contacts

Trout Unlimited is our parent organization and a national non-profit headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. TU is dedicated to conserving, protecting and restoring North America's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds and is listed in the Charity Navigator as a Four-Star Charity. You can find the TU national web site by following this link.  Our Chapter falls within the Colorado Council of TU. The Colorado Council's web site is available at this link.

Save The Fraser River

Ike fishing the Fraser

Sculpture of Ike Fishing the Fraser located near the Lions Ponds in the recently-designated Eisenhower Reach of the Fraser behind Winter Park Optical in Fraser.

The Fraser River was recently named as the third most endangered river in the US. Since then, the Fraser has come under increasing pressure. To find out why, and what you can do about it, keep reading.

The local town of Fraser was known as the Western Whitehouse during the Eisenhower administration because Ike spent so much of his free time here fishing the Fraser and other local rivers. Today, the Fraser River still offers excellent fishing despite the diversion of the majority of its water. The Colorado River Headwaters Chapter of Trout Unlimited is one of the leaders in the effort to protect the Fraser, the headwaters of the Colorado and the associated cold-water fisheries in a difficult situation. Our members are dedicated to protecting this amazing fishery and environment to the best of our ability. We understand that previous generations of western Colorado residents sold the rights to a substantial portion of the water that originates here to communities on the Front Range of Colorado, and that has consequences for our rivers today. We realize that much of the water which historically flowed through the Colorado to the Gulf of California and the Pacific will continue to be diverted across the Continental Divide to Front Range cities and will ultimately find its way to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. While we would like to see as little water diversion as possible, our efforts are focused on minimizing the effects of that inevitable water diversion on the natural environment.

By careful stewardship of our environment and through tireless education, we will do our best to maintain a healthy riparian environment here in Grand County.This website exists, in large part, to facilitate education about the science and the practical aspects of the challenges faced by our rivers and environment. You'll find links to a great deal of information and some suggestions as to concrete steps all of us can take to ensure the long-term health of our rivers and environment.   

The Colorado River Headwaters Chapter is working hard to change the Fraser from a river in decline to a healthy aquatic ecosystem and a sustainable fishery.