Conservation Easements At Risk

Colorado Conservation Easements Threatened

Urgent help needed to protect our environment! We need your action by March 15, 2018

A hearing for Colorado House Bills 1122, 1123, and 1194 was originally scheduled for Thursday, February 15, in the House Health, Insurance and Environment (HIE) Committee. It appears that the bills will now be considered on March 15. Please email the committee members below by March 13, 2018 and ask them to support conservation and the environment by opposing the damage the proposed bills would cause. 

These bills would bring an end to the Colorado Conservation Easement program that has been so valuable in protecting our rivers! The primary sponsors of the three bills are one state representative, Kimmi Lewis, and two state senators, Jerry Sonnenberg and Vicki Marble. All three are known for their anti-environmental leanings. 

An email from YOU to members of the HIE committee expressing opposition to the bills may help stop them. These bills would bring an end to the Colorado conservation easement program by eliminating or significantly restraining an important resource conservation tool and further infringing on private property rights.

Committee members include:

Here is a brief summary of each bill and a link to the official Colorado Government website with detailed information for each bill:

House Bill 1122 would add unnecessary and duplicate accounting requirements to the conservation easement tax credit program.

House Bill 1123 would suspend the conservation easement tax program for 20 years and cost landowners working on easements tens of thousands of dollars in sunk cost.

House Bill 1194 would restrict the length of conservation easements, destroying the conservation purpose of the program.

Colorado Headwaters Land Trust

The Colorado Headwaters Land Trust is our local organization which facilitates creating and maintaining conservations easements which would be threatened by the legislation discussed above. In 2016, our friends at the Colorado Headwaters Land Trust (CHLT) at their annual fundraiser they worked to inform us about conservation easements.  An important part of the education was provided by this brief video produced by Michael Turner of TV18. To learn more about CHLT, visit the CHLT web site by clicking here.