Where Can I Fish Map

Our TU Chapter is currently working on a detailed map of legitimate fishing access points here in Grand County. It will include both descriptions and GPS information to help you stay on legally accessible water and stay out of trouble. We expect to have the map on this website and in print at local fishing-related businesses by the spring of 2019.

In the meanwhile. Colorado Parks and Wildlife has a new app that can help you discover ovcer 1,300 fishing locations statewide. Just search CPW Fishing on the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

Fishing License Information

A fishing license for Colorado residents between the ages of 16 and 64 is $26. For seniors 64 and over, it's only $1. Anyone between 18 and 64 years old also needs a $10 Habitat Stamp. Short-term licenses and out of state licenses are also available. Go to the official Department of Wildlife page (see link below) for more information.

Buy A Colorado Fishing License Locally

Many local retailers are authorized to sell fishing licenses. Our local fly shops, Winter Park Trading Company and Murdoch's are also great places to get the latest fishing reports. For a link to Colorado's latest official list of license agents, click here.

Buy A Colorado Fishing License Online

To go directly to the official Colorado Department of Wildlife fishing license page (you can purchase a license on line) follow this link. You can also call them toll free at 1-800-244-5613.

To see the latest Colorado fishing brochure, click here.
The Department of Wildlife's Fishing Page is available online. For the home page of the Department of Wildlife, click here.

Ethical Angler

Ethical Angler is a new organization we encourage you to learn about. Their goals align nicely with ours at Trout Unlimited. When you visit their website by clicking on this link, you'll learn about responsible angling, conservation, good stewardship of our rivers and fishing responsibly. 

Local Weather

For a link to our local forecast, click here.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife

 Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has a very informative Fishing Page on their web site. It includes links to information about fishing areas, species identification, how to purchase a license, awards and records, resources & tips, the Fishing is Fun program and even seminars about topics such as ice fishing.

Here are some helpful CPW links:

Fishing Conditions:

Fishing & Stocking Report:

Fishing Atlas:


Ice Fishing

Some members of TU also enjoy ice fishing. It's a very different sport compared to fly fishing, but when the eyelets on our fly rods freeze it's a good alternative to bowling. Each winter, the Granby, CO Chamber of Commerce hosts a huge ice fishing contest. Typically, over 1,000 people participate! For all the details, go to the Granby Chamber website by clicking here

Here's a link to a 15-second educational and entertaining video about ice fishing. in Alaska.

Local Maps

Follow this link to a road map view of our area, starting in Fraser.

For information on camping in East Grand County (Winter Park and Fraser area) click here.

Local Guides

Here's a local guide we like because he doesn't fish with dynamite and supports our TU Chapter's TV show on channel 18, The Mighty Colorado River.

Winter Park Fly Fisher

Fishing Tips

Tying the right knot is an integral part of being a successful fly fisherman. Here's a video showing how to tie about a dozen fishing knots.

For other information, such as how to identify what kind of fish you've just caught, fishing areas and other fishing tips, see the Department of Wildlife module on this page.

Here's a brief educational and entertaining video about ice fishing.

Camping Information

Camping Information

For local camping information in the Winter Park/Fraser area, click here to view a PDF of the Fraser Lions Club's Brocuhre. Scroll dowm a bit to find the yellow box to download a pdf of the Lions Brochure which has the info you want on camping locally. The Lions Club manages our local campgrounds and the Lions Brochure has a map showing campgrounds with descriptions, rates, contact info and photos from each one as well as coupons at local merchants.

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