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Fracking Water Recycling

6.2 billion gallons will be used next year for fracking in Colorado. What happens to that water? How much is recycled or can be reused? For an interesting report by Colorado Public Radio, click here.

Grand Lake Water Clarity Report

Grand Lake had long been famous for its amazingly clear water, but that's changed. The Bureau of Reclamation has finalized its Grand Lake Water Clarity Technical Review and Work Plan that addresses concerns of water clarity at Colorado’s Grand Lake. For more information and to access the report, click here.  

Trout Magazine Scam

Some Trout Unlimited members recently received an invoice from Platinum Publishing Service located in White City, Oregon, for renewal of TROUT magazine at a cost of $79.95.This is not a legitimate invoice from Trout Unlimited. TU is based in Woolly Bugger, WV and that's the only place an invoice would originate.

Teaching Kids to Fish

Several TU members were lucky enough to spend much of a day teaching a group of kids about the environment and fly fishing. We met East Grand Middle School science teacher Alex Romanyshyn and his students at Monarch Lake and spent several hours talking about the environment, coaching fly fishing and watching moose. Thanks to Darlene Carter, Jancie & Kent Hughes, Kirk Klancke and Jerry Nissen for participating! For a link to photos, including numerous moose shots, click here.

Colorado Declared Most Endangered River in US

American Rivers announced the Colorado is America's most endangered river. This announcement was the lead story in the most recent Grand County news. Click here to watch the newscast. For more information, instructions on how to make your voice heard and a link to a moving video, click Colorado is US Most Endangered River . Also, please look for more information about the Colorado under our News tab by clicking here

Why TU Supports MECP With Denver Water

Why does TU support the Mitigation and Enhancement Plan (MECP) with Denver Water and Grand County? Some feel that it will lead to more problems for the Fraser and upper Colorado. TU recognizes the reality that Denver Water owns even more water in Grand County than they are already taking. We wish that wasn't the case. We'd rather see more water stay here, but we live in this world, not the one we wish for. 

For the past eighty years, Denver has been diverting water from the Fraser with no accountability for the health of the river. If this project dies, we're convinced that the next eighty years will look like the last eighty. If MECP moves ahead the diversion permit is tied to adaptive management. TU believes adaptive management builds in the accountability that will enable us to ensure the ongoing health of the Fraser.

TU Banquet 2016

Our annual banquet was again held at the beautiful Devil's Thumb Ranch this past July. The banquet is our chapter's only annual fundraiser. This year's event was held on July 25 and we were fortunate to host our biggest crowd ever with over 200 people attending. Our auctions, boths silent and audible, were a big hit with many wonderful items purchased through very spirited bidding. The final numbers are still being tallied but it looks like we raised a considerable amount of money to continue our work to save the Fraser and upper Colorado rivers. We promise to put the money to good use. Many thanks to all of you who supported us by your generous contributions at the banquet and for your continuing support of TU.

Colorado Water Plan Update August 26, 2014

Colorado is working on its first-ever state-wide water plan. An important component of that plan is the Basin Implementation Plan (BIP). Our friends at the Audubon Society's Western River Action Network came our with a brief summary of what they like and don't like from what has been presented so far. To see their informative one-page summary,click here.   

In late February, 2014, information about the first-ever Colorado water plan was published by the Northwest Colorado Council of Government. Planning based on science rather than political or economic clout will be good for our rivers and larger environment. Read more under the Conservation & Science tab of this website or by clicking here.

Science or Politics 

Trout Unlimited believes science should trump politics. As a result, we strongly disagree with an ill-informed letter to the editor which appeared in the July 16 Sky-Hi News. To read TU's response to these politically charged comments, click here.

TU on TV: New Local Documentary Series The Mighty Colorado River

Grand County has more water diverted from it than any other county in the state. As much as 80% of the upper Colorado will be sent to the opposite side of the continental divide. The Colorado River Headwaters Chapter of Trout Unlimited has partnered with Grand County TV18 to create a new TV documentary series being filmed here in Grand County. The series highlights the challenges facing our rivers, informs you as to what can be done and how you can help protect our natural heritage. The show airs daily on Comcast in Grand County at 8 AM, 12:30 PM and can also be seen via a live stream (click here for the live stream) everywhere. For details, including how you can support the documentary, and a few segments from the show, click here.  

TV Newscasts & Features Describe Fraser River MECP and More Water Issues

The latest June 2014 TV coverage on the Fraser addresses this spring's floods in Grand County and the reality of water storage and diversion. Click here to go to the 4 minute video clip featuring two local TU board members. The new Mitigation and Enhancement Plan is described in this local April 26 TV newscast available by clicking here. To see a brief April 6 TV newscast focusing on two Grand County water issues, click here. You'll see a good summary of the Moffat agreement and the latest on the Byers Peak project's water.

Confused About Colorado Water Law?

Water law in Colorado was written when it was still legal to own a slave. It's complex and often confusing. We're lucky to have a very readable one-page summary written by District 51 Water Commissioner Sue Avre to help us all understand the basics. Click here to check it out on our new Colorado Water Law page. Thanks Sue!

March 26, 2014 Award to Devil's Thumb Ranch

DTR Plaque 032614

A thank you plaque was presented to Devil’s Thumb Ranch on March 26 for donating a portion of the proceeds from January's first annual Stagecoach Classic xc ski race to three local conservation-oriented non-profits. The race was a huge success, with more participants than any other ski race in the state! Many thanks to everyone who participated or volunteered. Right to left, Nick Meyer (Colorado Headwaters Land Trust), Maura McKnight (Headwaters Trail Alliance), Kirk Klancke (Trout Unlimited), Igor Guziur (Devil's Thumb Ranch), Carse Pustmueller (Colorado Headwaters Land Trust). Photo by Jerry Nissen.

Some of the Colorado Reached the Ocean in March 2014!

Early March 2014 has been a satisfying time to be an advocate for the Colorado River. We made progress on the Fraser and there's other good news for the environment, too. 

The Colorado River typically is used up entirely before it reaches the Gulf of California. This year, a US-Mexican agreement will allow water to be released from the final dam on the Colorado to mimic spring flooding. This was an interesting experiment, but is not likely to become a normal event.  To read more, click here.