January 2012 Rally Follow-Up

Follow-Up to Denver January 26 EPA Event

Below is the Colorado Trout Unlimited information regarding the recent (January 26) protest at the EPA office in Denver. To see the blog with follow-up information, click here.

"This is a moment of truth for our state. Once these rivers are gone—they’re gone. Colorado is our home – these places are ours – and we give a damn." 

Dear TU Member,

Recently, you took a stand for the Upper Colorado River by signing a pledge to defend this iconic river and the people and wildlife it supports.  For that, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation.  Only with help from people like you can we protect Colorado’s namesake river into the future.

Many of you have asked, but what's next? What more can we do to protect the places we love? As I write, federal regulators are deciding the fate of the Upper Colorado River below Windy Gap Reservoir. A decision on the Windy Gap diversion is expected in coming weeks. Our coalition of people, this movement, is working hard – both publicly and behind the scenes – to demand that decision-makers do what is right for the river, not simply what is easiest for water developers.

At the same time, agencies and government leaders are deciding the fate of one of the upper Colorado River's most at-risk tributaries - the Fraser River, which has been reduced to a trickle during warm summer months.  Some streams like Jim Creek are sucked completely dry. And water providers plan to take even more water from the river, leaving less than a quarter of the Fraser's natural flows.

Dry streambeds, dying trees, and scarce wildlife - is that the future we want for Colorado? Of course not.  We live in Colorado because we value flowing rivers, grand mountain vistas, and healthy habitat for humans, fish and wildlife – and the recreation opportunities and economic health supported by healthy watersheds.

As our Voices of the River gallery on the website eloquently shows, ordinary people on both sides of the divide—as well as visitors from across the country—have strong personal connections to our rivers. This state’s communities and quality of life—even its soul—are at stake.

We understand the need to secure water supplies for growing cities. But we ask our leaders and decision-makers to consider the health of our rivers and wildlife when making these decisions.  To protect the spirit of Colorado, and the quality of life that these places provide to all Coloradans.  To pass on an inheritance of healthy Colorado rivers to our children and their children, where they can recreate, sustain, and escape.

Are you with me? I hope you will stay involved and continue to lend your voice to this movement, as thousands of Coloradans have done. We will keep you informed of upcoming efforts, including special events and river rallies.   And please pass this letter along to your friends – helping this coalition of businesses and individuals to grow is the best way to let the decision-makers know that this is important to every citizen who lives in Colorado!

This is a moment of truth for our state. Once these rivers are gone—they’re gone. Colorado is our home – these places are ours – and we give a damn. Let’s keep raising our voices in coming months to protect these magnificent rivers that are the soul and lifeblood of our State.

Defend the Upper Colorado

P.S. Show your support for the Colorado River! Please join us for a River Rally next Thursday, January 26th from 12pm - 1pm outside the Environmental Protection Agency offices on 16th St. and Wynkoop in downtown Denver. During the rally we will ask the EPA administrators to use their authority to keep the Colorado River healthy in the face of water projects like Windy Gap. More details will be sent shortly.



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