Tell the EPA to Protect Headwaters

Act Now to Push the EPA in the Right Direction
Colorado Trout Unlimited  

Take Action: Tell EPA and Congress that you support the new water quality rules to protect headwater streams and  wetlands.

Act by November 14 to help ensure that the Clean Water Act protects our headwater and feeder streams!

Since the 1970s, the Clean Water Act has been one of the best tools for protecting water quality and moving toward the goal of "fishable, swimmable waters."  From the days when rivers literally set on fire, we have come a long ways.  More recently, unfortunately, Clean Water Act protections were weakened by two Supreme Court rulings that rolled back its coverage from isolated wetlands and seasonal and intermittent streams. Waters threatened by these decisions include millions of acres of wetlands and some of the most important trout habitat across the country: headwater streams.


Here in Colorado, we are a headwaters state, and we understand the basic premise that if we don't protect the headwaters, we cannot protect our downstream rivers.  While seasonal and intermittent streams may not be major fisheries in their own right, they make up 75% of Colorado's stream miles (shown in red on the map below) and their health dictates the health of the larger waters below them. Now, the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers have released a draft rule that reflects this simple common sense, and would restore protections to these headwater and feeder streams.


The agencies are taking public comment on this proposal until November 14.  Equally important, please let your elected representatives know you support these vital water quality protections.  If you haven't yet submitted comments, please click here to learn more and take action!  If you've already submitted comments, thank you for your help, and please spread the word with your friends. 

Thank you for helping defend our headwater streams!




David Nickum

CTU Executive Director