Sucking the River Dry

Best Article Yet on the Plight of the Colorado

If you only want to read ONE article to get the "big picture" on the threat to the Colorado River, this is the best one we've found so far. On Sunday, April 8, the Denver Post published this article summarizing the plight of the upper Colorado. The Article is titled "Sucking the River Dry". Just click on this link to see the entire article.

Two other articles worthy of your attention were associated with this topic in the same paper, but don't appear in the online link:

  • The brief sidebar to the above article titled "A River on The Brink" pointed out the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife findings below Windy Gap reservoir at Granby. In it, the author points out the 38% loss of aquatic insect life, the complete elimination of some native fish seen as indicators of stream health, the near elimination of stoneflies (a major source of fish food) and the destruction of the river bottom by silt.
  • A second article, by Walter Hecox, described the impressions and ideas of two Colorado College students who kayaked the Colorado to the point at which it dies near its former estuary in the Sea of Cortez. Click here for the link.